Credit Card Tips

Undoubtedly, use of credit cards makes life easier but if you are careless, it can affect your finances adversely.

Having a credit card in your pocket makes you forget about worries of not possessing adequate money for making purchases as most businesses accept credit cards. Statistical data reveals that the debt of an average American family as a result of using credit cards is about $1500.

Despite all the benefits of credit card, it is a cause of worry for lots of Americans. Other than brining your finances down, it is liable to be used for getting your personal information and pilfering your identity. Above all, credit card is a massive responsibility, and should be used as such.

Using a Credit Card

Here is a list of some of the very important dos and don’ts of utilizing credit cards:

The Dos of using a credit card

• Immediately sign the card on receiving it and do go through the fine print.
• Use 0% interest schemes and cash-back/reward points.
• Keep multiple cards, depending on your spending habits.
• On handing over your card to a cashier or waiter, keep a close watch on your card till it is returned.

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3 Responses to "Credit Card Tips"

  1. Credit cards can be a major issue for people. If you are not careful, they can really toss you into a spin that most cannot recover from. If you feel that your job could be at risk, making sure that you leave your credit cards at home is a good idea at least until you feel more secure that you will not lose a job and not be able to pay.

  2. Great tips. I tend to keep at least 2 credit cards open and if there is a balance on one from an emergency or something like that, I immediately look for one that offers good balance transfer deals.


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